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Durham University moves fully online with Microsoft Teams to provide educational continuity

Introducing Microsoft Teams

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AEG delivers unforgettable entertainment experiences to fans using Microsoft technologies

How Online Collaboration Tools Could Help Your Business

Spend a day in the life with physician Dr. Thomas

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Spend a day in the life with retail store manager Alex

How NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports uses Microsoft Teams to win races

6 ways you're getting teamwork wrong

Spend a day in the life with financial pro Adira

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Microsoft Teams delivers healthy, real-time global collaboration for Heart Research Institute (HRI) in Australia

Day in the life - IT project manager

5 Ways to Inspire Creativity and Innovation in Your Employees

A day in the life - Marketing

Staffordshire University are using Microsoft Office 365 to personalize their students learning

Creating World-Class Collaboration In A Global Team

A day in the life - sales with Microsoft Teams

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A Day in the Life of a Construction Pro with Microsoft Teams

Employee empowerment bears fruit

The Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration

A Day in the Life - Compliance

The Week in Breach: 29/01/20 - 04/02/20

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A new generation of communication tools for a new generation of Alcoa workers

PizzaExpress feeds digital transformation with Office 365

Why companies who hire people with disabilities outperformed their peers

Customer story: Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2019: We All Win

The insider's guide to the modern workplace

Day in the life: IT project manager

Gen Z Brings a Whole New Dynamic to the Workforce

Customer story: Teesside University fills the digital skills gap using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams increases collaboration in the modern workplace at Microsoft

Do more with Microsoft Teams

How CIOs can promote diversity and inclusion

Customer story: John's Crazy Socks shows the world what employees with disabilities can achieve

Unblocking Teamwork: Four tools and strategies to improve collaboration

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Encouraging and enabling collaboration in modern workplace

Customer story: Lilly envisions a workplace where collaboration enables innovation

The future of work: Empowering people and organizations to achieve more

Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Office 365

How collaboration can work for business

Customer story: Razer plays to win, gains advantage in global gaming industry with Microsoft 365

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Customer story: City of Westminster College | What is voice?

3 ways online collaboration tools can boost company productivity

UK Banking Disrupted: Metro Bank Reinvents Customer Service with Microsoft

Making the shift to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Windows 10 Flyer

Workplace agility: The true secret to improving productivity and efficiency

Customer story: Goodyear

Deploying Windows 10 at Microsoft as an in-place upgrade

Microsoft 365 Office Flyer

How do we design workplaces for maximum productivity?

Microsoft 365 Powered Device Pilot Datasheet

Customer Story: London Midland

Exploring Windows 10

Why your business should shift to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365 on a new device

Customer story: Qantas Airways

Customer story: TD Bank

A Closer Look At Hybrid-Cloud And Multi-Cloud Approaches

Workplace Agility: The True Secret To Improving Productivity And Efficiency

Customer Story: Puma and Office 365

Microsoft increases productivity and protects assets with OneDrive for Business

How cloud-based PBX and PSTN save Microsoft more than $120,000 per day with Skype for Business

Why Cloud Customer Flyer

Understanding the Dark Web and the Threats It Poses to Businesses

The millennial arrival and the evolution of the modern workplace

What is Microsoft Azure?

5 Reasons your organization should move to the cloud

Three steps to a new paradigm for disaster recovery and backup

Customer story: Maersk

Modern Digital Workplace: 5 Current Trends Making Waves In The Office

Customer story: Hershey

Be A Prepper: The Keys To A Digital Disaster Recovery Plan For Business Leaders

What is Cloud Migration and Why is it Important

Using cloud technologies to improve disaster recovery

Microsoft migrates 150,000 mailboxes to Exchange Online

Azure Backup datasheet

Day in the life--Financial services

Why Cloud (By Default) Gives You Security You Couldn't Afford Otherwise

IT Buzzwords & Acronyms Explained

What You Need to Know About Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Windows 7 has one year left of support

What you need to know about Microsoft Teams

4 revenue killers to your food and drink business

4 Overlooked reasons why CRM implementations fail

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft's strategy & what about Skype for Business

Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte & OneDrive the big 4 compared!

Why an virtual IT director might be for you...

Appliant Joins HubSpot CRM Sales Partner Program

GDPR myths, lies & unicorns - have you been mis-sold?

Meltdown & Spectre Security Flaw Information

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) Explained

Can you spot the 13 Security Flaws in this Photo?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Explained

What is Digital Transformation?