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    4 revenue killers to your food and drink business

    In today's blog we cover 4 of the most common revenue killers in hospitality, it's surprising how easily these can be overcome...

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    Topics: Hospitality, Guide,

    4 Overlooked reasons why CRM implementations fail

    4 CRM Failings to avoid..

    So you've decided you need a CRM for Sales and Marketing - whether you are choosing to implement your...

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    Topics: Advice, Growth, Marketing

    Microsoft Teams, Microsoft's strategy & what about Skype for Business

    Last week saw the first anniversary of the worldwide launch of Microsoft Teams. Throughout the last year, Teams has seen...

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    Topics: Microsoft, office 365, Business

    Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte & OneDrive the big 4 compared!

    We often get asked about the differences between Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte & OneDrive cloud storage (aka file sync & share)...

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    Topics: Egnyte, Google, Microsoft

    Why an virtual IT director might be for you...

    Already using an IT Partner? Considering an interim CTO? Read why outsourcing to a virtual IT Director might be a good option.

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    Topics: Advice, Business,

    Appliant Joins HubSpot CRM Sales Partner Program

    We're super excited today to announce that Appliant joins the prestigious Hubspot CRM Sales Partner Program. Further expanding...

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    Topics: Growth, Hubspot, Marketing

    GDPR myths, lies & unicorns - have you been mis-sold?

    In this post, we dispell some of the commonly heard GDPR myths. If you don't know about GDPR - read this first, then come back...

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    Topics: GDPR, Risks, Security

    Meltdown & Spectre Security Flaw Information

    Two major security flaws have been uncovered in both Intel and ARM-based processors and have been named ‘Meltdown’ and...

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    Topics: News, Security,

    Cloud Service Providers (CSP) Explained

    What are they?

    Cloud service providers (CSP) are companies that offer network services, infrastructure, or business applications...

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    Topics: Google, Microsoft, office 365

    Can you spot the 13 Security Flaws in this Photo?

    With all of the recent cybersecurity breaches in the news, it's easy to get caught up in the "technical" side of information...

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    Topics: GDPR, Risks, Security