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Fully Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Data protection managed by experts

According to PC Magazine 60% of companies that lose data shut down within 6 months, while Gartner estimates that only 35% of Small and Medium businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place!

If the power in your office fails tonight, and all of your computers crash, how quickly can you recover? And more importantly, at what cost? 

We’re here to ensure your business doesn’t become another statistic. Our business continuity solution is about more than just backup – it’s designed to quickly revive your network following any unplanned downtime, and ensure your employees are operating productively in almost no time at all. 

Our (previous) lack of a DR plan created unnecessary risk in our organisation and to our clients, (who) depend on us to work with strict time-frames and deadlines - our existing backup didn't cover key IT systems and a full recovery would have taken days.
Appliant provided a solution that addressed our Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archiving requirements.

- Alex Belmont, CEO of Khan Global

Peace of Mind

In today’s always-on business landscape, maintaining an effective backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy is becoming more important than ever before. Data is playing an increasingly critical role in decision-making processes, and the costs and risks associated with downtime are skyrocketing – not to mention the damage your brand and reputation can suffer in the event of a disaster

Having a backup appliance in place is only the first step in a successful business continuity strategy. To minimise the risk of data loss as much as possible, you’ll want to have technicians proactively monitoring the entire backup process to ensure things are working as expected. Appliant has a dedicated team keeping a watchful eye over your protected servers, ready to jump into action should any problems arise.

What Our Clients Say

Our backup strategy no longer keeps me awake at night, we now have local and cloud-based backup and DR.

Jon W, Managing Director of Redfish Creative

Knowing our systems are protected and managed by a team of specialists means we can focus on delivering innovative IT services to our users.

Craig Smith, IT Manager at Calpaq Europe

Not having a reliable backup and DR strategy is essentially gambling your business and employees future. I worked hard growing our company and team so why would I not protect them wherever possible?

Liam, Founder of Greener Publishing


Key Features


  • Complete DR & Cloud Replication
  • Complete end-to-end management of backups
  • Continuous Data Protection™ technology
  • Block-level encryption
  • Fully-managed & monitored
  • Cloud replication
  • Off-site virtualisation
  • Office 365 Backup
  • And more