24x7 Security Operations Centre

Managed Cyber Security

Advanced Detection & Response Services


Continuous Monitoring

Is your business looking for threat protection, remediation, incident response and the benefits of a security operations centre (SOC)?

Appliant's SOC monitors your IT environment, detecting malicious threats and quickly re-mediating the attack, with 24/7 support from our experienced SOC.

Our solution rapidly recognises thousands of viruses and malware attack variants, including cryptomining attacks, as well as the root causes of these malicious behaviors, by quickly identifying and diagnosing corrupt source processes and system settings.

Although we're fairly self sufficient with our IT the security and monitoring services have proven invaluable to our businessRob Elliot, IT Manager, Software Development Agency

Response & Remediation

24x7 Global SOC Assistance

When malicious behaviour is detected, Our service will quickly rollback files to previous safe versions through tracking changes in your devices and restoring them to an acceptable risk state.

Your focus on keeping us safe has enabled us to focus on growing our business - when one of our clients suffered a security breach it was reassuring to know your solution prevented us from being hit too.Casey Marant, Creative Agency

Appliant Managed Security uses the patented SentinelOne platform for its unique malware detection and remediation technology. This solution incorporates the industry’s most innovative prevention, providing visibility into the root causes and origins of the threat, reversing the malicious operations and remediating them at an agile speed as needed.


See how we work in this video

Security Operations Centre Demo

In this video, we walk you through a situation so you can see how our SOC works to resolve security breaches in real-time.